agm jactex ag - Sammelbild_Frottier

Harness Cords

HC 120 S
1190 m/kg
HC 120-SK 1190 m/kg
HC 110-S 850 m/kg
HC 107-S 1080 m/kg

Standard colours: Yellow and Orange
Other colours upon request



Comber boards

Comber_boards_terry_towel agm jactex ag -Frottier


All possible densities such as 22 (11 + 11), 24 (12 + 12), etc. threads/cm - according to the customers definition.

Our Vulcan fibre comber boards Stempelfor terry towels are in "zig-zag" shape.



Guiding boards

All the guiding boards for Stäubli, Bonas, Grosse, Müller, etc. machines in Vulcan fibre Stempelor Dellrin (Stäubli)

agm jactex ag - Delrin_Bretter agm jactex ag - Führungsbden

agm jactex ag - Maschinenbrett


Hermetically sealed springs with micro seals

Special springs with a covering sleeve and MICRO seals to hermetically protect the spring of the dust environment.

springs_1springs hermetisch_abgedichtete_harnischfeder_1f




Open springs with healds


Preset specifically fo terry application, 8+8 (Standard), 12+12 (Bonas) or 7+7 (CX 860) springs.

Springs with antivibration reductions and conical shape. Tension as per definition.

Nickel plated healds with standard eyelets R 355 (5.2 x 2.3mm) or SR 518 (5x1.8mm)

150mm PVC sleeves