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We are specialised in high quality products for the fast running label looms - be it for J.Muller, Vaupel, M.E.I., etc. systems


1) Label harness cords

Label_harness_cords Harnisch_1

HC 180-S          1'600 m/kg
HC 170-S          1'550 m/kg
HC 160-S          2'150 m/kg  

HC 1700-TA     1'550 m/kg 

for Spandex warp threads

HC 1600-TA     2'150 m/kg

for Vaupel, MEI, etc

HC 240-C         1'920 m/kg   for Vaupel system, Taffet labels
HC 300-SC       2'150 m/kg   for Vaupel system, Satin labels


2) Comber boards and guiding boards

Our comber boardsStempeland guiding boards Stempelhave a special

Nano surface treatment and a hard varnish for an increased   durability

Comber boards                                                                                                        Guiding boards

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Carpet_vulcan_fibre agm jactex ag - Etiketten_1

Carpet_vulcan_fibre_1 agm jactex ag - Etiketten_2


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3) Springs and healds for label looms

The springs for the fast running label looms must be of the highest quality steel. They all have a conical shape and can be equipped with an inner core for further stabilisation and avoidance of spring resonances.

The healds should have fully tempered eyelets to prevent the polyester warp threads from cutting them.



4) Conical shrink sleeves

The conical ends of our shrink sleeves for Taffet labels make sure that healds move up and dowm without obstruction.

agm jactex ag - Schrumpfschluche_mit_konischen_Enden_1d


5) Pulley cords

Plastic covered pulley cords and standard pulley cords to meet all requirements.

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