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Harness Cords

HC 240 1920 m/kg
HC 240-C 1920 m/kg
HC 220-SC 1700 m/kg
HC 200-SC 1450 m/kg

Standard colour: Yellow, Orange, Green, Sky-blue
Other colours upon request

Comber boards

We produce the Vulcan fibre comber boards Stempelfor all densities such as 45,56,60,62,66,68,72, etc. threads/cm or as per the customers definition.

As usual the finishing is with Hard Varnish and our special NANO treatment.

agm jactex ag - Möbelstoff

Guiding boards

All the guiding boards for Stäubli, Bonas, Grosse, Müller, etc. machines in Vulcan fibre Stempelor Dellrin (Stäubli)

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agm jactex ag - Maschinenbrett   agm jactex ag - Führungsbden

Springs and healds

All types of springs with antivibration reductions and conical springs as per the customers definition. All Jacquard healds are nickel plated and available with all kinds of heald eyes. These healds can be supplied with PVC sleeves or our special conical shrink sleeves.